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Happy New Year!

Cheers to 2017!!! What a whirlwind 2016 was for seems like it started out as a great year but it was sliding into crazy town by the time Christmas got here. But lucky for us, we are given a NEW year!

I love the beginning phase of a new cycle, whether its the New Moon (which we just had this week), the new year, the new month, a new vinyasa...each offers an opportunity to set an intention and do our best to stay close to that. If it doesn't work out, that just means that it is yet another opportunity to learn and evolve from your experiences and past.

For many of us, this is what we deal with when we set a "New Year Resolution". We set these almost unrealistic goals to happen in the new year; but as they are so big, it is hard to attain and stay on the path to transformation. Some people accomplish their "resolution" but for most of us, we are over it by March.

Honestly, being a working mom, I can barely make it through the DAY (much less a year) without losing my connection to the intention I set that morning over candle light and sage. :) It is very much a practice to keep your mental clarity - staying calm in challenging situations, not getting overwhelmed when you are running late, deep breaths when feeling angry, remembering what is really important, etc. But I feel learning to cultivate these healing energies is more important than setting any major New Year Resolutions. These are day-to-day, helpful coping skills that can help us avoid slipping into anxiety, stress, or depression and nourish us with well being and longevity.

I believe if everyone could learn to be more happy and content in their own personal lives, there would be less judgement and hate; more kindness, world peace and unconditional love would spread globally. It may not change in our lifetime, but if everyone contributed to this vibe, negative energies would eventually dissipate and our future generations would benefit from our humble efforts. One can hope, right? :)


(if you have some sage, please cleanse your home, open the windows for fresh air, and light a candle to represent letting your soul speak)

Sit down and write a list of 3 things that when you are doing them, it makes you feel peaceful and happy.

Reflect: When all three things are happening at the same time, do you feel connected to your most natural, happiest Self? In 2017, how can you add more of each or all of these items into your day-to-day life?

Let this written list or paragraph serve as a prayer or intention from your soul to the universe.

Close your eyes with your hands in prayer in front of the heart and as you notice the breath for about 60 seconds, you feel your intention has been acknowledged.

Give gratitude a higher power - to God, the Great Spirit, the universe - for the opportunity of this wonderful blessing.

Keep this list on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator, so you see them every day. When you feel like things are getting out of control, come back to this list and the energy you felt today. Our goal is to make 2017 a year of peace by cultivating positive energy within you.

You can modify this list anytime that feels right, especially if it is at the beginning of a New Moon cycle. It is always OK to revise if that serves your highest good.

If you need inspiration, here is my list:

1. Yoga + meditation

2. Time with my family

3. Ritual

Obviously, yoga and meditation are huge for me. If you are reading this, then I have a feeling you are drawn to yoga and meditation as well. If you do not have a place in your home where you can release what no longer serves you and receive what you need for your highest good, then it might be a perfect time to create a sacred space. This way, no matter what goes on in your outside world, you always have a place of sanctuary; even if just for 5 minutes.

My cup always feels so much more full when I spend quality time with my daughter and husband. We need that time so much to bond and learn how to grow as a family. I feel when we are all running in separate directions and time is crunched, my daughter is whiny and unconsolable, my husband is grumpy, and I am overly sensitive and experience insomnia. But when we have a day off where we are free from daily schedules, our energies are once again reconnected and there is sympatico in our home. Now, I know that we can't live like this every day, because obviously we have to go to work and school. But every family could use this acknowledgement every now and then of just how important you are to each other. <3

I have started to invite more ritual into my daily life. I light a candle and sage each morning as I say out loud a prayer or affirmation that day. If I am going to carry any crystals or stones with me, I cleanse them in the sage smoke. I also ask for protection from harm and dark energy of my child as we enter another day.

Throughout the day when I feel challenged, I close my eyes and take myself back to that moment of ritual. I put the crystal or stone in my hand and let that energy try to block whatever is bringing me stress. When I get home, I light that candle and sage once again to "wash the day off" so I do not bring any negative energy into my home.

Since this is a New Moon and New Year, I set up a crystal grid to help raise the vibration for this powerful, significant new cycle. It sets by a window, close to my plants and sunlight, and is in a spot where we walk by it many times. I always feel the good vibes from it - for some reason, it makes me very happy. :)

Best wishes for a healthy, happy, prosperous and peaceful 2017!!!



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