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Conduct a space clearing whenever you feel the need to improve the energy of your home or workspace. I find that when life feels stuck, a space clearing does wonders to get it back on track, such as: Moving into a new home, after an illness/death/accident in the home, after an argument or bout of depression, upon a change of residents, when your life feels stuck or stagnant, before/after parties, when you sense a spirit or "presence" in the home, to welcome a new year, new relationship, or a new season. 


Once your space has been cleared, you will most likely feel a freshness and vitality that wasn't there before. I often find that my house feels cooler and that the colors seem brighter after a space clearing. The investment of time and effort to properly clear a space is well worth it, and improving the energy of your home further enhances your abundance! 

Each blessing consists of materials that represent: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Metal. Poetry, prayers, mantras may also be used. Kim will ask for your intention and then an affirmation card will symbolize the intention as a group. If you have any of these items that you would like to use for your space, just let Kim know. Otherwise, she will provide all materials. 


Most spaces can be cleared/blessed in one hour. Depending on the size of the space, you may need more time.  You can discuss further with Kim if you think you may need more than one hour for your space. 

Tools used for clearing are energy chimes, incense, sage, or other instruments for sound. Kim will use what she thinks is best for your space. If you have sensitive to smell or smudging, please let Kim know! 

$75 for one hour

Rates include Local residences only in San Angelo, TX 

If you have an out of town property, please discuss directly with Kim.

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