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Hypnosis is one of the best ways to deal

with deeper issues in a compassionate and effective way. 

Expect to relax very deeply and feel refreshed when you are done.

If you have ever meditated, prayed

or practiced savasana or Yoga Nidra -

The experience of hypnosis is very similar: relaxing & calming. 

When we are relaxed, we are able to see our lives from a place of higher perspective and remove filters that over time have conditioned us to behave/feel the way we do. You can make decisions from a natural, empowered state

and be open to suggestions that support your goals. 

When you are ready for real change, a true shift,

then you are ready for hypnotherapy.

Please click Hypnotherapy FAQs for additional information.

My scope of work for Hypnotherapy includes: 

Positive /Growth Mindset

  • Motivation 

  • Career/ Success Goals

  •  Creativity

  •  Happier Mood

Stress/Anxiety Relief

  • Improve sleep patterns

  • Breath work to quiet the mind

  • Calm response to stress triggers 

Pain Management

  • Healing imagery and sensations

  • Peaceful reframing of discomfort

  • Soothe nervous system to relax and lessen inflammation

  • Prepare for child birth

  • Empower mind-body connection 

What is NOT in my scope of work at this time:

Addiction, Trauma, Regression, Smoking, Alcohol

*I am happy to refer you to my trusted mentor who is wonderful. 

During your session: 

2 hour duration

Initial intake + Hypnosis Session

*Hypnosis Session to be recorded


You can choose to do in-person or virtual sessions.

In-person sessions are done at Kimberly's home studio in San Angelo, TX. 


Contact Kimberly for your free consultation

Call or text 214-300-1002 to speak directly with Kimberly

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