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Beginner’s Approach to Meditation

I recently presented this topic on Aura Health app Live and got some wonderful feedback and questions.

Most people really want to meditate regularly, but have a hard time due to distractions, timing, and discipline. I wanted to validate all of those obstacles, because I deal with them too. However, one of my teachers told me once, “you don’t have to practice every day, but when you need it you will wish you had practiced every day.” That has always stuck with me.

Here are a few ways to approach your meditation practice:

  1. Come with a beginners mind. As you come into your practice just trying to be curious and excited for whatever experience you will have that day. Let it be. Give yourself the grace of non-judgment.

  2. A big obstacle that challenges most of us is finding the time to meditate. But my advice here is simple: just do it! Put meditation on your calendar, or schedule a reminder. If you are worried about going over or losing track of time, use a meditation timer app.

  3. Create conditions to feel settled. Find an environment that is clean and quiet. When you find the posture that feels the best, it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a chair or laying down on your bed or the floor, all that matters is that you are comfortable.

  4. Become familiar with your breath in and out of the nose. This is a great technique to help gather your energy and thoughts. By focusing on the your breath in/out of the nose, you are able to be more present. When we slow down the breath, we slow down the chatter in the mind.

  5. If you find that your mind has wandered, gentle bring your focus back to the breath. Know that this is normal and it actually teaches you a lot about yourself. Stay kind and gentle when returning back to your breath.

Let Me Know if this has been helpful!




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