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Pathway to Success for Weight Loss and Motivation for Change

I have worked with several clients who are struggling with their weight loss/exercise journey, and just feeling a “block” or “stuck” when it comes to implementing new habits to feel good, inside and out.

Here is what I see as a pathway to success:

  • I propose a 3 session plan. I wish I could say that one appointment is an immediate, quick fix but it may help temporarily but for a life long change, we have to go deeper. Each session is approximately 2 hours long. I like to do these sessions about 1 week apart to allow enough time for it to soak in, but not too much time to go by and we lose our momentum and inspiration.

  • During the first session, this will be our initial consultation and we start to peel back the layers of what you are dealing with. We will explore your challenges, triggers, etc. Think of this process as peeling back an onion. Each time we meet we peel back more and go deeper. After our initial consultation, we will do a hypnosis practice that focuses on overall relaxation, calming the mind, soothing the nervous system, and positive suggestions. Your words that come up during our consultation is what I use in hypnosis so that it is YOUR words, not mine. I will record this session on voice memo and email to you. I strongly ask you to listen to the recording daily throughout our work - this is very much where a lot of the success comes from: LISTEN TO THE RECORDING. Your subconscious mind loves repetition so we really need to speak to that part of the mind regularly with the positive suggestions and remind the changes you are seeking.

  • During the second session, we will explore your past. Usually for weight loss issues, there is so much more beneath the surface. Beliefs, patterns, feelings, emotions were rooted at some point in your life - childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood are the usual times in our lives when circumstances or experiences created some sort of “root” that presents itself as you get older. We get the chance to go back and re-frame some of those roots to release the negative hold that they have had on you so you can move on and be free. I do not record this session.

  • During the third session, we will explore future scenarios that may come up for you and start to see/feel the new way you want to live your life. This is very empowering and allows you the chance to know how good it feels to each a healthy diet or get on your tennis shoes and walk or whatever your changes are that you want to implement. You will now see yourself happy and excited to take good care of yourself with ease! :) I do not record this session.

  • Finally, I always ask that you are in a sound mental place to start this work and have support of a physician or therapist, if needed. For those clients who feel grounded and totally ready to break free, this work can be emotional and deep, but so healing. I, personally, have felt so good since I used hypnotherapy to break free from my old cycles of years of anxiety! :) Even when things arise in the future, which is normal, you will feel calm and able to handle any stress or challenges now from a new, clear, and empowered place!

PS check out my audio recording on the Aura Health app, Listen to Hypnosis to Increase Motivation by Guided By Kim @aurahealthhq

Please contact Kim for your free consultation! 214-300-1002


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