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The Season of Deep Self Care

Sometimes winter and the holidays can bring a wave of isolation and feeling down. As we move into Spring, it can feel very nourishing and healing by the opportunities to be outside more, connecting with others, and with a sense of renewal. If you have been through a heavy season, see if you can lift up this idea of taking care of yourself as you emerge from any darkness. In the past, you may have rushed your healing and that is why there also may be a pattern of these emotions.

What if you took time to understand what these feeling and emotions are trying to tell you? What are some healthy, positive choices you can make right now that help you in the future?

I have been inspired for myself moving from wintering to the Season of Self Care and I thought I would share some ideas to celebrate this present moment.

  1. Connect with the Earth - find a spot that you can spread out a blanket and lay down on the ground. You may want to cover your eyes with a light scarf. And just let the Earth hold you. The Earth’s low and slow vibrational frequency will help your body slow down and sync with the Earth’s rhythm - down to your cells. By lowering your frequency, it will be a neutralizing of fight or flight responses. This is how we move back to homeostasis (balance), and this is healing on so many levels. Stay for at least 20 minutes or more.

  2. Use your breath - your breath is the most natural and accessible tool that we have on making a calm impact on the mind. It takes approximately 3 minutes of deep breathing to shift your nervous system to parasympathetic. Get to know this part of you! Try this technique: 4 counts inhale - 6 counts exhale for 3 minutes. Practice daily :)

  3. Go for a walk and listen to an audio mediation or your favorite music - walking is the most gentle and the best exercise method! I love to make my walks resonate in body, mind, and soul. Use your time to listen to something inspiring and that makes you feel good.

  4. Clean out your bedroom and/or bathroom - a good ol Spring cleaning! Throw away that pile of stuff, clean out your drawers, and even move things around. Clean and tidy up in a way that feels like a whole new room when done. See if you also make a little sacred personal space for your yoga and meditation practice :)

  5. And finally - try to have some FUN and take it EASY on yourself! You are doing a great job and deserve to have a delicious meal or fabulous cocktail/mocktail or whatever you fancy that feels rewarding. Maybe a concert, or signing up for an art class or visiting with a friend.

I say all of these things as advice for myself - and I would love to hear what helps you move forward from a place of peace and happiness. Cheers to this life!




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