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Does Hypnotherapy ever NOT WORK?

This is a valid question when deciding if Hypnotherapy is right for you or not. And the answer is YES. I have worked with clients who successfully broke a habit, or changed a thought pattern or belief in 1-4 sessions. What I see in each of the clients who have been successful at hypnosis is that THEY WERE COMPLETELY READY TO CHANGE. However, there are times that clients may say they are ready for change, but they may not be for what that will mean to them.

Here is what I mean:

  • Sometimes a client will "benefit" from the problem. For example, a client says they want to quit smoking. Upon deeper discussion, I realize that this client works with their spouse, who has a very high intense energy. Over the years, the smoke breaks throughout the day have become the only way to get a little space from the spouse to avoid bickering and arguing at their place of business. The client has felt over the years completely belittled, beat down, and now believes that they are not good enough. Their self esteem and confidence is totally gone. Hypnotherapy cannot change a nagging spouses behavior, but can help with YOUR response to the nagging. For this client, the smoking habit is their way of benefitting from their stressful work/spouse situation.

  • Some of the memories in regression that come up for some clients are extremely painful. If you have experienced trauma in any form in your life, this is where most likely you will have to go to reframe beliefs/thoughts/feelings that are associated with your presenting problem. However, if it is too painful to discuss, most people avoid coming back to hypnosis. They do not want to be reminded or revisit any of these awful memories, even though they may find an immense amount of healing through the pain. In these cases, I would suggest working with a licensed therapist or counselor regarding this experience and come back to Hypnotherapy with their support. We can then work on future pacing of triggers associated with this issue, when you are more grounded. Trauma can be a deep root of a lot of issues, and it is important that you are in a sound mental place so we do not stir up any mental health issues. If it is too hard to face, just take your time and come back when it feels right for you.

  • Most people want instant gratification, which is unrealistic. Making changes is HARD, especially if you have been engaging in a habit for a long time. It takes a full amount of determination to "go against the grain" and forge a new path. It may take a few sessions to fully untangle from that old pattern. So, if you aren't getting 100% results from the first session, don't give up! I can guarantee after the first session, your pattern will be less. Over time, it gets less and less - which in my opinion, is how you get REAL LIFE LONG RESULTS. Not from a quick fix.

  • Make time to listen to the audio recording. Most who are not successful in hypnosis do not make time to listen to this recording DAILY. I ask you to listen to the recording daily at the most convenient time for you. But if you aren't making time to listen, are you really ready for this significant change? Our subconscious minds LOVE REPETITION. That is why if you have been telling yourself for so long that you are not good enough, you eventually start to believe it which leads to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep issues, etc. Basically, the reason you came to hypnotherapy!!! Imagine what you could believe about yourself if you told yourself every day that you are loved, or beautiful, or a great parent? Over time, you will start to feel more positive and confident in your natural presence in life! I bet your professional world would be enhanced, your intimate time with your partner would feel deeper, you would sleep better, and just feel in better overall health! These are just a few examples!

I hope this has given you some insight to how hypnotherapy can help you, if you are truly ready! I will guide you through and be with you as long as it takes. Please reach out to me for a consultation and I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.



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