Pregnancy Poses That Worked For Me

Now that I am through the rough patch, my practice has been back to a strong, dedicated place. And it feels great!! I wanted to share some of the poses that have surprised me on how great they feel for my body (and mind!). However, I must disclose that I AM NOT A CERTIFIED PRE-NATAL YOGA INSTRUCTOR, I AM ONLY A YOGA ALLIANCE CERTIFIED 200 HOUR TEACHER. I can merely go on what has worked for me. I felt that this blog post might inspire other pregnancy mamas to get over their fears about getting on the mat or even be a good reference source to pass along to anyone who might be wanting to get pregnant. At this point, in my pregnancy I am just crossing over into my 18th week and I plan to keep practicing as much as I can for as long as I can! :) My intention for practicing while pregnancy is to help me during labor and keep my body strong so I can return to whatever practice I want after I recover and to be a wonderful example for my darling babe instilling strength and peace.


All my yoga life, I have heard "if you are pregnant, do not practice inversions". You will constantly be given advice that sometimes contradicts what you just heard so my advice is just do what works the best for your unique body and serves you a HIGHER PURPOSE. So, I enter these with caution. I do not practice inversions just anywhere and anytime if I felt the urge like I used to. I practice in the safety of my home studio. Also, I started right up against the wall like I did when beginning to learn inversions. After I felt my strength and confidence returning, I moved away from the wall gradually. Remember to hug in the belly so you activate the core and do not lose control. Plus, I feel it mentally protects your babe. I feel that if you had a strong inversion practice before you got pregnant, then you will more than likely be able to practice with knowledge and awareness. Please do not attempt inversions for the first time while you are pregnant. Just wait until your beautiful babe is here to watch you! :)