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After my last post, I have been thinking on a deeper level about the sacred space aspect of creating a home practice. I feel that it is important to create a sacred place of reverence for your practice at home, but what happens when you are away from home? How can we carry this space with us? How can we continue to stay connected to our highest Self when we are in a place that has zero representation of what we have achieved so far? Do we lose ground with our Self when we are not able to stay within our comfort zone?

Try this: close your eyes, locate and follow the breathe as it enters and leaves your body, listen to the rhythmic sound of your breath, feel the air and space surrounding you, hear the exterior sounds. Notice the shift within you as you bring in your energy internally. Allow yourself to connect with this beautiful present moment. Imagine your stillness is sending vibrations of peace all around you. Take a few moments in this sacred space that you have cultivated no matter where you are externally.

Sacred space is WITHIN us - not a place that we have to go to physically to practice our mindfulness. Sacred space is all AROUND us - just waiting for us to realize the beautiful windows of life that are offerings to us from the gods above. Notice the green grass, magnificent trees, the blue sky, puffs of clouds, the flowing rivers, ever flowing ocean waters. Even when we are in the midst of chaos, the space is just waiting inside us - listen to your inner flame, your guide and connect within.

As mothers, we create sacred space in our bodies for our babies. We carry our babies for 10 months and walk in this spectacular miracle - promising to manifest a spark of light into the world after birth.

I encourage you to pay attention to what gifts are available to you at any time. The more you tap into this energy, the easier it becomes to connect with. You might even develop a keen sense of this energy without even trying! Mindfully walk through life with eyes that see love in everything, ears that hear joy in every word, hearts that feel connection with all beings, hands that spread peace to all you touch.

BE your sacred space. Namaste! xoxo

Photo credit: Chace Adair (my love)

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