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The Path of Least Resistance

We all have that one person in our lives that we sometimes wonder why we are still friends with them. They tend to act like a victim at every twist and turn in life, exuding negativity. Basically, they are suffering in their own hell here on Earth. Maybe you have succumbed to the notion that this person will always be this way and you just have to accept them for who they are. But is that serving YOUR highest purpose? I feel that all lives matter and we should always give people another chance - I mean, haven't we all been down and out at one point or another? However, there is a fine line with these types of "friends" in your life that if you continue to be friends with them, you never feel like they are supportive or genuinely happy for the celebrations in your life when you are always there for them. This can be extremely exhausting. I call these people "energy vampires", just sucking the prana out of you without recharging you with fruitfulness. Maybe they even make you feel guilty for your non suffering.

Something that I say a lot in my yoga teachings, is "to be resistant is to suffer, so find a way to be open and non resistant so you will have no suffering." This can apply during a yoga asana practice or off of your mat. For example, in pigeon pose you notice that you are extremely unsettled, you can't even hardly breathe, your mind is off thinking about something that is giving you anxiety, etc. This would be a great time to have a moment of realization that you are being resistant, therefore you are suffering in this healing and cathartic asana that you need to practice very much.

Off of the mat, can you start to look at life's situations as maybe it is something that is meant to happen to you for a greater good for your highest Self? The Great Spirit/God/Universe/the higher power of your understanding does not pick you out of everyone on this Earth to make your life a living hell. YOU make your life a living hell or heaven. You become your thoughts - most of the time our thoughts are in the past or future. In the past, we are trying to change a situation that has already passed so our control is moot. In the future, we are trying to change a situation that hasn't even happened yet or may not happen so our control again is moot. CAN YOU ENJOY EVERY MOMENT, OF EVERY MOMENT HERE IN THE PRESENT? Life is a gift! Find your way to the path of least resistance which will lead you to the least suffering.

If a person or job or thing or WHATEVER, is constantly bringing you down then I would say you are deserving of taking the time to re-evaluate your relationship. Surround yourself with people that feed your energy with positivity and light. YOU ARE THE SUM OF EVERYONE YOU MEET - choose wisely. :) xoxo

Namaste, Kim

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