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My Inspiration, "A Unique Journey to Liberation of the Highest Self"

When I started to prepare to lead this upcoming retreat in June, I tossed around a million ideas of what I thought would be cool to share with students for a week intensive study. For example, I thought about working towards attaining advanced asanas but I wanted something MORE. Even as a teacher, I want to come away from this retreat feeling fulfilled and recharged. I met with a woman who is looking to get into yoga - she started out by telling me that she has had previous back surgeries and for many years has had chronic physical pain. When I asked her what she wanted to get out of our private yoga sessions, she mentioned to “stretch” and “not feel in pain every day”. The more we talked, our conversation got deeper. Because of the injury that led to the surgeries, she was laid off from her job, which then led to months of being contained to the home as she could not get around very well and obviously financial worries became an issue. You can imagine how this eventually led to a very dark place of depression and pain pill dependancy. I honestly feel that the universe takes care of us and does not let us wallow around in the dark for too long, especially when we are ready and open to make a change. When we finally got to the bottom of things, I mentioned that the reason why I practice yoga personally is to have FREEDOM. Freedom from WHATEVER is keeping me from being happy. Being in chronic pain can feel like a prison, physically and mentally, so we look to open the areas of the body that have been injured and search for freedom from pain. Depression, anxiety and consistent sadness can also feel like shackles around your brain and then we physically manifest these emotions. Allowing yourself to LET GO and BE FREE from these issues is a lot of work but it IS possible to find that freedom. Or maybe you don’t suffer from these particular matters but know that there is something bigger meant for just haven’t figured it out...yet. I feel like FREEDOM AND LIBERATION is attainable for many different areas of our lives and the ULTIMATE GOAL OF THIS BEAUTIFUL FREEDOM AND LIBERATION IS.....HAPPINESS AND CONNECTION WITH OUR HIGHEST PURPOSE. There is a reason why each of us are here on this beautiful Earth! I want the students who experience this week with me to come away feeling like they have a closer knowledge and are at peace with who they are, why they are here and what they will do once they get home to keep living with this flame lit inside. All I ask is that you show up with an open mind, a ready heart and are willing to experience the unknown. This will be an exhilarating time of physical movement paired with breath, unlocking the barriers to allow the life force within to flow. There will be opportunities to have meditation, reflection, and internal study as well as group support. We will do something that serves our community spirit by a local service project. Plenty of time will be open for you to schedule adventures such as zip lining, lounging by the pool, spa treatments, hiking and so much more! Costa Rica is the perfect backdrop for this rejuvenating retreat aligned with the healing energy of nature. I could not be more honored to share this week with all who attend. Each person is on their own unique journey and by attending this retreat, I hope to guide you to a place where you understand and connect with your highest Self. You deserve it!!! Namaste, Kim

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