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5 Things I Have Learned Through Hypnotherapy

Since beginning my Hypnotherapy journey last year, I have noticed a few things tend to be present with each client I work with. In fact, lately I have had a Hypnotherapy session or two myself as the client, and I notice each of these things in myself as well! Everyone who comes to Hypnotherapy does so with a bit of apprehension, but also interest and excitement. I can completely understand because even as I prepared to go into Hypnosis last night to explore my own root beliefs of anxiety and depression, I was so nervous about what would come up, that I almost canceled! But I am SO glad I didn't. :)

Here is what I have learned:

  1. EVERYONE needs RELAXATION more than anything else right now. Our society is so accelerated, focused on instant gratification of information, experiences, and news. We have gotten ourselves into a groove that is so fast, and to keep up with our peers - we cannot ever rest. If we rest, we must be lazy. If we are lazy, we are a failure - does this sound familiar? Have you ever had an experience of complete peace and rest during Savasana and then to return to your life feeling refreshed? There is a difference between taking a nap and conscious rest. Taking a nap will leave you feeling groggy and sluggish. Conscious rest will charge your battery and you will come back feeling alert and more productive. This is how we feel during Hypnosis. You will feel more relaxed than you have ever felt. Just being able to slow your heart beat and feel completely at ease is like magic! Forget about going deeper into your issues - allowing yourself to truly relax is sometimes all we need to shift our attitude and energy. Hypnosis is like relaxing, guided, extended meditation. Most hypnosis sessions are focused on relaxing the body, breath awareness, beautiful imagery, and positive affirmations/suggestions.

  2. Everyone is always surprised at how good they feel when we are done! Once a session is completed, no matter what was explored, there is always a great sense of peacefulness and feeling lighter. And it IS surprising! Some of the topics that come up in a hypnotherapy session are very, very deep, but the immense level of relaxation and compassion is what makes it a soft landing spot. So, when you come out of the hypnotic state you feel more peaceful because you understand a little more what your presenting issue is. You may have been dealing with this issue for as long as you can remember and probably tried everything and every way to unsuccessfully deal with it; this can be exhausting. Everyone feels a major relief after a session. There may be more to explore in future sessions or with a licensed therapist, and that's OK. For now, things are lighter and that feels really, really good.

  3. In a Regression session, usually the first memory goes to when a client is age 4-10. We know that children are like "sponges" and they absorb everything they see, hear, going on, etc. and that our upbringing can have a great effect on us adults. Sometimes, we do not even grasp the reality of HOW MUCH our upbringing or parental influence had in our lives until a memory pops up In our conscious mind. Events or experiences we may have forgotten about, consciously or unconsciously. Hypnosis can allow a safe, open space for the mind to reveal these things we have forgotten or stored away so that healing may occur.

  4. Emotions = Healing. When a client begins to cry, I know that they are truly ready to be here. You have to completely let your guard down and trust your Hypnotherapist in order to have an effective session. If there is any question of trust or an unestablished rapport, you will not relax. If you do not relax, you will not achieve the result you desire. Emotions show the rawness, the deepest darkest scariest parts of ourselves. But if we do not dive into those emotions, you are only protecting yourself and healing could be stifled. Be vulnerable, be brave, relax, and let the emotions rise and fall with ease because you are in a safe place.

  5. Everyone always comments on "how deep and thorough the process is". One client said she has taken therapy sessions her whole life, and what we did together was better therapy than they ever received. Now, I do not want to take away from licensed therapy - in fact, I encourage it and require it for some. However, I am just an intuitive, kind person that is trained to use my gut instincts and higher thought to compassionately navigate our session which will take as long as it needs to for the most healing at that time.

Interesting, huh?!?!? I am loving this work. I truly feel so honored to those of you who have opened your hearts to me thus far. I feel I am just at the beginning of a beautiful long, path as a Certified Hypnotherapist. To book a session, please click here.




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