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How can Hypnosis help me?

After years of dealing with my anxiety, I finally discovered hypnotherapy as a healing tool. Living in my hometown, San Angelo, TX I am now 38 years old and I would say for at least the last 20 years, I have been searching - seeking relief from my over active thoughts and feelings. In the past, I have turned to alcohol or drugs or friends to take my mind off of things. I have seen medical doctors, licensed therapists, energy workers, healers, teachers, etc. from all over the world. There is a part of me that always knew that the only way I would truly overcome my anxiety would be from WITHIN. I have used my yoga and meditation practice to access that higher part of my Self and mind. And it has done me good - but still it creeps up on me when I least expect it. After connecting with a hypnotherapist in Austin, TX I just knew that I was on the right path. My sessions with her were so profound, meaningful, insightful, and completely natural. The coolest thing was, I DID THE WORK. She was just my guide and helped me navigate through uncomfortable feelings that came up. In the past, when I would get super uncomfortable, I would end my practice or meditation. But when we are uncomfortable, that means we are starting to tap a nerve and if we can work through that uncomfortableness, real transformation begins. After each session, I was so happy! I felt so damn good!

Hypnosis can be used to improve your general functioning - to make you feel better mentally and physically. To put it simply, when you are in hypnosis you are very relaxed and your subconscious mind is open to receiving positive suggestions that pertain to your goal. First, you are guided into a deeply relaxed trance state, similar to meditation. If you have ever "zoned out" while driving - that is a trance state. It is important to mention that you can come out of a trance state at any time - you just open your eyes. You have this feeling of a refreshing nap and now you are alert and feeling great! :)

You know what area of your life you need direction, assistance, or motivation. You can access your personal needs and you have all of the power and resources to make the change you are seeking However, YOU HAVE TO REALLY WANT TO CHANGE. If you believe this will work, it will. If you have any questions, please see my Hypnotherapy FAQs page.

Here is a summary of specialized hypnotherapy treatments that may be helpful for you:

  1. Weight loss

  2. Smoking

  3. Stress

  4. Phobias

  5. Pregnancy, Labor, Post Partum

  6. Pain Management

  7. Self Esteem

  8. Motivation

  9. Learning, Cognition Improvement

  10. Creativity

  11. Anxiety Relief

  12. Child Trauma

  13. Surgery, Medical Procedures

  14. Sports Goals

  15. Careeer Goals

  16. Sleep Improvement

  17. Current/Past Life Regression

No matter how special your problem is, it can be successfully reduced or eliminated by the thoughtful application of hypnosis with Certified Hypnotherapist, Kimberly Jameson

. Please contact me anytime for a free consultation! I want to help others feel as good as I do!


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