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Top 5 Myths about Hypnosis

I have heard some of the same fears/misconceptions about hypnosis come up recently, and I thought I would take the time to "stick" up for hypnosis! ;)

  1. MOST PEOPLE ASSOCIATE HYPNOSIS WITH THE STAGE ENTERTAINMENT HYPNOSIS that you would see on a cruise ship or in Las Vegas - where the eager person in the audience gets picked to come on stage and be hypnotized to do ridiculous acts, such as barking like a dog. This type of hypnosis is a whole other industry that is done purely for entertainment purposes only. Their purpose is to get the audience to laugh. Hypnotherapy is not stage hypnosis. The two are very different with very different training and purpose. Hypnotherapy with Kimberly Jameson is only meant to be a healing tool.

  2. AFRAID OF GETTING "STUCK" IN TRANCE STATE - All hypnosis is self controlled. Should you ever desire to exit the relaxed hypnotic trance at any time, you are free to do so! Just like you would end a day dream, you can choose to end the hypnotic state. Just open your eyes and it will end immediately.

  3. HYPNOSIS IS MIND CONTROL - One cannot be hypnotized or controlled against their will. In fact, the client is in complete control of his/her own mind the entire time. Each person who enters into a state of hypnosis is by their own choice and at their own direction. The purpose of the hypnotherapist is to guide the client during the hypnotherapeutic experience. A person has to want to get hypnotized, trusts their hypnotherapist, and is willing to accept suggestions. At any time a person wants to come out of hypnosis, they just need to open their eyes!

  4. I WILL LOSE CONTROL AND DO SOMETHING I AM NOT COMFORTABLE WITH - You cannot go against your morals or ethics in hypnosis Any suggestions that would cause a question in moral actions would immediately bring in the conscious mind and negate any effectiveness already created. You would most likely abruptly come out of the trance state and would question the situation.

  5. I WON'T REMEMBER THE SESSION - You have the ability to remember everything that is said and done in the hypnotic state. You may feel. you have gone to sleep, but strangely could hear and even verbally communicate while in hypnosis. Kimberly may choose to record your session if it best fits your goal. If not, just relax and be open to the lasting hypnotherapeutic changes!

I hope this soothes any fears surrounding hypnosis because it really is so beautiful and natural. So many people have the chance to make positive changes in their lives and FEEL GREAT!


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